Custom hosting solutions tailored to your needs. Wether you have static files or dynamic content, wether latency, security or redundancy matters, we will find the best solution for you. Based on our experience in hosting under the linux environment we can offer any kind of hosting on a big scale.

Static File Hosting

Numerous small files or many large files, we are able to serve your files from our cluster. Always able to scale to the needs of our customers, our cluster currently features over 15Gbit/s of bandwidth from 4 Datacenters throughout Europe and can hold over 130TB of data.

Dynamic Content

Utilizing our Knowledge in Preprocessing and Caching of dynamic content we can provide very fast and reliable hosting of php webpages on our cluster.

Redundancy/High Availability/Failover Scenarios

If you need Redundancy, HA or Failover Configurations you can count on our expertise, we will make sure your content is always available and secure.

Backup Hosting

Just need a place to stash your backups without having to worry about data security and integrity? Host your data on our servers, featuring multiple copies of your datasets on servers throughout Europe, constant Backups of your data, plenty of bandwidth to transfer your files. Need a special interface? We provide you with a custom interface of your choice to upload/download your data.

Bucket Hosting

Fixed or Dynamic Size Buckets on numerous locations with eligible degrees of redundancy and availabilty based on your requirements and budget.


External Solutions for your MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Server Databases are sometimes the way to go. If you don’t want to worry about setting up a Database Server, maintaining, optimizing, monitoring it, you can simply host your Databases with us. We make sure you get the optimal performance and availability, just tell us what you need and we will take care of the rest. You can interface with the Database Server directly over a secure connection and don’t need to worry about the perks of running your own Database Server or how to do sufficient Backups and so on.


You need Monitoring of your Services or Servers but don’t want to run your own Monitoring System? We provide redundant, enterprise class, hosted Nagios Monitoring including Email and SMS Notifications.

Email Hosting

Need to send and receive Emails, having multiple Mailboxes, dealing with huge amounts of mail? No need to roll your own. You can host your Email Accounts on our infrastructure, we take care of everything, from spam to spf, from imap to pop3. Using our simple Mail Administration Interface you can manage your mailboxes, creating, editing, removing users.


Running your own server? Tired of maintaining it? Bad experiences with your last “IT Guy”? Let us have a look, use our knowledge of a variety of linux distributions to clean up your install or optimize your server. You can hire us to do installations, upgrades, anything you need on linux.

Security Audits

Need to know wether your server or WebApp is secure? We do security audits in true white-hat fashion, providing you with details of the holes found as well as advice on how to fix them. Hire us to look through your firewall and server configuration, optimzing it where needed.